Sacha Garnicki | Associate

Sacha Garnicki Office Manager in Carlsbad, CA

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Sacha Garnicki
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English, Farsi, French, Spanish

I have been in the Real Estate industry since end of 2003. In June 2005 I owned and ran my own real estate and residential mortgage business until the end of 2008. In then re-joined a direct lender to focus on personal production. In mid 2011 I started Bankore Financial, Inc. This company is DRE/NMLS approved which focuses in the Real Estate sector providing it's clients Mortgage services in tandem. In mid 2016 I purchased a franchise office of NextHome and named it after my daughter's nickname Bella called NextHome Bella Properties. Since 2012 I have flipped 23 properties and today I co-own an investment company in the midwest that focuses on the hold/rental market. In July 2015 I moved to San Diego for personal life change. I am married for over a decade now to Jeanine, I have 3 kids. Isabella, Alexander and Nicolas. As a family man my core focus is to teach them how to be good people. Giving them the confidence of this harsh world we live in knowing that you need to always stand up and fight for what you believe in while never giving up on your core values. This exact same way is how I run my businesses. My success has directly derived from helping others making it my core pillar to my financial growth over the years.